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How We Can Help You

Most importantly, by getting to know you.

We start our process by having you come to the office for an initial conversation. This is at no cost and with no obligation. It takes about an hour and gives us the time to get to know you and your situation. Not enough to give you answers but enough to set the path for developing your plan. There is no need to bring any paperwork with you to this meeting. We will not be reviewing tax returns, account statements, wills, or any other documentation. That will come later if we decide to formally work together.

Next, we review the interview notes and document the interview. We send this to you in the form of a letter. In that letter will be a recommendation for what we believe you should do next. It could be as simple as steps for you to complete to move on in your trek to achieve your goals to the details and cost of a formal financial plan.

Should we decide to enter into a formal financial planning agreement, we perform this for you at a fixed cost and it includes:

  • Planning meetings and phone calls
  • Written Plan Presentation
  • Quarterly reviews for the year following the plan completion.

You are welcome to implement the plan with us or another professional—it's your choice.

The easiest way to find out how we can help you in particular: Give us a call and let’s get together!

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